Understanding Stress – Does Stress Make You Anxious?

Understanding stress can help us react to it better.
Understanding stress can help us react to it better.

The article, “Does Stress Make You Anxious? Blame Your Immune System”, by Rachel Barclay states

“A new study shows how the immune system’s response to stress causes symptoms of anxiety.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:

How Stress and the Immune System Interact.

Understanding Stress.

We all know that stress is a part of life.   Either in our private or professional lives we experience stress everyday.   Understanding stress is a key part in learning to deal with stress.

There are plenty of resources with facts about stress available to us.   From how stress can harm you to how to avoid stress are all online for us to research.   An interesting article states how our immune systems could be responsible for our feelings of anxiety from stress.

A study from the Ohio State University confirmed in lab mice that when put under stressful situations immune cells traveled to the brain and activated regions associated with anxiety.    This could also lead to an explanation to why we tend to get sick when we are stressed out.

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