Mental Stress Affects Women More.

Mental Stress
Mental Stress: Pictured – What all of our inner children really want to do sometimes.

The article, “Study: Working moms’ stress levels linked to ‘mental labor”, by Fox News states

“We all know how challenging it is to juggle the responsibilities of work and family, but a new study is highlighting just how much time parents spend thinking about and planning all the details of family life…”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:

Mental Stress Worse for Women than other Types of Stress.

Mental stress has a greater affect on women especially at the workplace.   How stress affects women differs from men.   For example mental labor has more of an effect on women than men.    Studies have shown mental labor raises stress levels in women.    Do women think about things more than men do?   If you think about it, it does make sense.    Women do tend to stress over many different things that men would never consider important.    Some of it could be blamed to bias sexism and others to biology.

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Mental Stress is Harder on Women than Men

A new study has shown that mental stress is harder on a woman’s heart than a man’s heart.   During the study, men and women underwent several mental stress inducing exams.   It showed that the blood flow to the men’s heart increased as stress increased and that women did not have any increase in blood flow.   For more information on this study please review the article below by Kathleen Doheny from WebMD

Mental Stress is Harder on Women than Men

The article, “Mental Stress May Be Harder on Women’s Hearts”, by Kathleen Doheny states

“Coping with mental stress may be harder on a woman’s heartthan a man’s, according to new research.
Men and women given the same stressful math problem all had an increase in blood pressure and heart rate while solving it, as expected, says researcher Chester Ray, PhD, professor of medicine and cellular and molecular physiology at Penn State’s College of Medicine in Hershey.”

For the full article please go here. 

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