How Stress Affects Your Health

Wondering How Stress Affect Your Life?

Stress can strike anyone.   It is a natural part of life.   It can help us be at our best or it can bring us down to our worst.   How stress affects our health is by increasing blood pressure, keeping us up at night, to mental issues as well.   Stress can also cause chronic health issues as well.   It can affect our immune system, give us heart trouble, help us gain weight AND keep it on, etc.   So as you can see reducing stress does not only help you mental but can have long term health benefits as well.   A good article has more:

By Nick Tate
From NewsMaxHealth

“Job demands. Family squabbles. Relationship troubles. Financial pressures. All are common causes of stress, with studies showing at least two out of three Americans report experiencing moderate to high levels of it over the past month.”

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Wondering how stress affects your life?

Still don’t believe stress can have that big of an impact on your life?   Take something that you worry about EG your job, bills, projects, etc and then imagine your life without it.   Does the thought of that stressor not being in your life give you a feeling of relaxation?   If so then that is how stress affects you.   You might benefit from stress reduction exercises.   For more please visit our certification in stress management consulting website.

How Stress Affects Our Physical Well Being

How Stress Affects
How Stress Affects us. Some yelling to being yelled at, stress has some strange effects on our lives. Learn to effectively combat it here.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

What to Learn How Stress Affects Your Body?

There are a lot of articles on how to cope with stress.    As a change of pace here is one about how stress affects our bodies.    Exactly what does stress do to us?   Here are 8 negative effects of stress.   Like too much stress can cause cardiovascular problems and weakness your immune system.   For more please read this article.

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