Forensic Nursing Blog on SANE and Forensic Nursing Opportunities

Forensic nurses play a key role in society.  They serve as aid in understanding the nature of death and death investigations as well as helping victims of sexual abuse.  SANE nurses (sexual assault nurse examiner) are a special type of nurse that specializes in helping rape victims.  In the overall umbrella of forensic nursing, SANE nurses and nurses certified in forensic nursing can play key roles in various situations.  This blog looks to identify some of these key jobs.  Nurses who wish to diversify their career and have interest in criminal proceedings can become certified in both.

SANE nurses are excellent candidates for AIHCP’s Forensic Nursing Program. They all can play a key role in assisting sexual assault victims and helping coroner offices with cause of death while working with the criminal justice system


SANE nurses are in many cases the first line of defense for victims of sexual abuse.  When a potential rape victim or sexually assaulted individual arrives at the hospital, the SANE nurses cares for them and analyzes the evidence and injuries to the person.  During these initial assessments and examinations, SANE nurses determine if foul play occurred and contact the proper authorities.  They collect and preserve any DNA evidence and work in concert with the police and district attorney in presenting evidence to juries and possibly testifying as expert witnesses.  In this way they serve as a vital bridge between the criminal justice system and healthcare system.

In addition, SANE and Forensic nurses help with death scene reporting and investigations.  Working under the leadership of the coroner office, many Forensic Nurses help conduct autopsies of the dead and report cause of death to the coroner office.  They also can give vital reports to law enforcement.  Some may even run for elected positions within the coroner office and supply local government with their knowledge and expertise.

Due to the connection with the criminal justice system, many are also certified in Legal Nurse Consulting and can work in court room consulting with firms.  Many Legal Nurse Consultants are also certified in Forensic Nursing or have  SANE certification.  They hence are excellent resources for firms in criminal cases beyond the basic malpractice case.  AIHCP also offers a program in Legal Nurse Consulting.

Some also work within criminal prison populations and access and work with past perpetrators. At these capability they can also aid in reforming individuals as well as help victims in prison who may be attacked by other perpetrators.

This position holds extreme importance and is open to nurses who take special SANE training and who wish to become certified in Forensic Nursing with AIHCP.   SANE nurses are excellent candidates to enhance their forensic background with a Forensic Nursing Certification from AIHCP.  The program consists of five online courses that lead to a four year certification.  The courses are independent study and can be completed within one’s own time frame.  The final course reviews SANE training for nurses who may wish to work with their state in this official training.

If qualified, please review AIHCP’s Forensic Nursing Program and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.