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Interesting and closer look at the job and work of a SANE nurse.  SANE nurses play an important role in helping sexually assaulted victims find justice through immediate care and collection of evidence.  SANE nurses are excellent candidates for Forensic Nursing Certification.

SANE nurses make excellent candidates for Forensic Nurses. Please also review AIHCP’s Forensic Nursing Certification


The article, “What it’s Like To Work as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)” by Chaunie Brusie takes a closer look at the importance of SANE nurses.  She states,

“On top of the injustices she sees for victims, Helmbrecht adds that she struggles with battling common assumptions the general public has about sexual assault and domestic violence. For instance, comments like, “Why don’t they just leave if the abuse is so bad?” blame the victim and overlook the reality that the most dangerous time for a victim of intimate partner violence is when a decision has been made to leave. ”

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Please also review AIHCP’s Forensic Nursing Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals and nurses seeking a four year certification in Forensic Nursing


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Forensic Nurses play a key role in helping victims and police find justice.  Many SANE nurses also become certified Forensic Nurses as well and help supply their expertise in collection of evidence for DNA during sexual assault crimes, as well as providing testimony for cases involving detailed expert advice.

AIHCP offers a four year certification for nurses in Forensic Nursing.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified healthcare professionals seeking a certification as a Forensic Nurse.  Please review and see if the program meets your academic and professional goals


Please also review AIHCP’s Forensic Nursing Certification Video


Forensic Nursing Certification as a Career Option for Nurses

Is Forensic Nursing for You?

Forensic Nursing Certification
Forensic Nursing Certification
If you think being a registered nurse is the be-all and end-all of your professional career, then think again. While working as a nurse can be fulfilling, if you wish to further your studies, you won’t be disappointed with the many continuing education fields you can explore. A good example of further education you can complete is forensic nursing certification.
In a nutshell, it is a process by which a registered nurse is may be publicly recognized as being equipped with the high level of knowledge and practice skills in forensic evidence collection, criminal procedures, legal testimony and related fields of expertise. It is the application of the science of nursing to legal matters. As such, when an individual has been certified, he becomes a qualified medical professional who can perform duties that would eventually impact the establishment of legal evidence and responsibility for a traumatic injury. To be certified, a registered nurse has to complete a comprehensive education program related to this field along with a competency testing.
If you are interested in taking an education program in forensic nursing, then you should give our site a peek.   We have a comprehensive forensic nursing certification that is available online and gives you an excellent education in forensic nursing.  

What is a forensic nursing certification?

Roles of a Forensic Nurse

forensic nursing certification
forensic nursing certification

A forensic nurse can play several different roles in the medical field. They provide care to crime victims, collect evidence, and offer health care services within the prison system. For forensic nursing certification, the first thing you should do is research the different fields of forensic nursing so you know what school would suit you best. Forensic nurses can specialize in counseling, psychiatry, pediatrics, criminology, or general forensics, just to name a few. Different schools offer different programs. Forensic nursing certification does require a registered nursing degree from an accredited college. You can obtain this in two to four years, depending on what you’re looking for. You must pass the National Council Licensure exam to get a nursing license. From there, you can specialize in the area that interests you the most. These specialized areas can be forensic clinical nurse expert, correctional nursing expert, forensic investigator, and a death investigator, just to touch on a few of the many areas of expertise in this field. You must certification to demonstrate your knowledge. This can be obtained from the Forensic Nursing Certification Board of International Association of Forensic Nurses.
Are you ready to take the next step towards your future career?   Earning your forensic nursing certificate can prepare you for a rewarding and fulfilling career.   By taking online forensic nursing classes you can still work your full time nursing job and complete your educational goals!

Forensic Nursing Certification: Reaching for Your Dreams!

Perhaps you watched a bunch of detective shows. Perhaps you always wanted to go into nursing, but “regular” nursing was just too boring for you. Whatever it was, you’ve been thinking about becoming a forensic nurse for a while now. The idea of helping people solve crimes and prosecute them with your scientific knowledge and experience excited you. So now it’s up to you to look into forensic nursing certificationYou will want to study in a place where the schedule works for you. You will want to find a reputable institution with good instructors who remain passionate about their field and can impart their knowledge and interest to their students. You will also want a place that lends credibility to your name after you complete certification. Most of all, you will want to find a place that prepares you for the hard work ahead. After all, you want to feel confident as you pursue the job of your dreams! Forensic nursing certification can prepare you.   So quit staling and start moving forward.   Apply today and start your road to fulfilling your educational goals of becoming a forensic nurse.

Forensic Nursing Certification
Forensic Nursing Certification

Forensic Nursing Specialty Practice

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