Pastoral Thanatology Program Article on an Ethical Will

Ethical Wills in the past have left detailed instructions on burial.  These older Jewish customs have also become today templates to express emotional or non material things that you hope to hand down to someone.  A dying person can hence list things he or she hopes to distill in son or daughter or grandchild.  In addition, other family members can create letters or videos that let the person dying what they received most from them regarding their life.  This is a difficult step for it involves acceptance of death but it allows for a better death and healing for all involved.

Ethical Wills are an beautiful way for the dying to express the more important spiritual things they impart on their loved ones.


The article, “What is an Ethical Will?” from “Whats Your Grief” looks at the Ethical Wills Origins and how it has evolved to allow one to pass down more spiritual things to the ones they are leaving.  The article states,

“I have now recommended ethical wills to many families who have loved ones who are dying. It is an incredible way for families to share what they will keep with them once a loved one is gone. For the person who is dying, the can share what they hope to leave behind that is not physical. Even when you cannot physically gather together, this is something you can still create. Family members can gather everyone’s written, video, or audio thoughts and share it with the person who is dying.”

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