Pet Loss Grief: Should you Get a New Pet?

After a Loss of a Pet, Should I Buy a New Pet?

It is extremely painful when a pet dies. After years and years of loving companionship, saying farewell to your faithful friend is among the hardest things to go through. The void they leave behind is much the same as a friend or relative passing, and it doesn’t matter what anyone says, they were still part of the family. For many children, the death or loss of a pet is the first time they will have experienced it in their lives, and it will be necessary to nurture them through these tough times too. The most important thing to do when your pet has died is to allow yourself time to grieve, and to go through the proper stages of grief without anyone making you feel guilty for doing so. Many non animal lovers do not understand, and can be insensitive to your feelings, but ignore them and follow your own instincts and do what you feel necessary to get over it. One of

There is no replacing a one's pet, but new friends can be welcomed
There is no replacing a one's pet, but new friends can be welcomed
the most common things people suggest is to get another pet straight away. This can be beneficial, but it does also have some problems too, and you should consider the impact of choosing to go this route or not. At the very least, allow yourself a week or so to begin the healing process, and for your emotions to come back under check.

The Pros of Getting Another Pet Right Away.

Before discussing some of the pros, if you do decide on this route, do not expect your new pet to be anything like your old one, and do not get one just to replace it. Your new pet will be a different personality with new traits and new things to learn about. This is a new member of the family. The beauty of getting a new pet is that it does help with the healing process. It is a new body to focus on, to take care of, to fall in love with and to help lift the household again. This is especially the case with dogs, as a home suddenly without a dog can really feel dead. Coming back to an empty house can prolong the grief of loss, whereas a new dog to come back home to, with a fresh smile and waggily tail can really lift your spirits. Furthermore, the new pet can help you to remember the old pet in fond ways. The new pet could do things which remind you of things the old one did which make you laugh, and this is very healthy.

The Cons of Getting Another Pet Right Away.

If you are not ready for a new pet, then don’t get one. Do not be forced into it by other members of the household, or you could end up resenting it. By not getting a new pet right away will enable you to grieve for as long as necessary, but also decide whether if you want another pet, and if so whether it will be the same animal. Secondly, because you are still in an emotional state, if you did get another pet, then you could become frustrated with it, because it’s not your old pet, or because it’s doing things wrong. This isn’t the pet’s fault, and it would be totally unfair on the pet and on you. Animals are very sensitive to people’s emotions, and if they do not feel settled, then there will be problems which will only exasperate the situation. Simply, if you do not feel ready to have a new pet, then wait and allow yourself to grieve the way you need to. In conclusion, everybody has their own ways of dealing with the grief of losing a loving pet. There is no simple solution, and we must all find our own way through these hard times. If you do decide to get another pet soon after the death of your old one, then be aware that you are still hurting, and you will need to deal with your emotions, as well as your new pet. On the other hand, your new pet can help you tremendously in dealing with this grief, as you forge a new lasting and loving relationship, based on companionship and love.
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