Certified Holistic Nurse Specialist Article

With alternative therapies and Eastern medicine becoming more and more prevalent and used by people within the West, it is only natural that there should be experts who understand their use.   While many go to alternative medical practitioners in China town or other small herbal shops, it is equally important to have Western minded experts on the subject as well

Please also review our certified Holistic Nurse Practitioner Program
Please also review our certified Holistic Nurse Specialist Program

Western medicine needs to be used in proper balance with many of the herbs and alternative practices flooding the streets.   The reason is important because many herbs may already exist in pharmaceutical drugs, or certain herbs may react in a harmful way with other medicines.  While traditional practitioners can guide in use and dosage, it is still important to have one also well trained in Western medicine.

With this in mind, to avoid the dangers and enhance the positives, the American Institute of Health Care Professionals offers a Holistic Nursing Certification which can give nurses the necessary information in alternative and herbal studies to offer guidance and care from both a Western and Eastern perspective.

With the growth in interest for alternative care with less side effects, people want to find reliable guidance from healthcare professionals with herbal decisions.  Again, the certified Holistic Nurse is able to meet those needs and provide that guidance to patients.

A certified Holistic Nurse can help not only with Western medication, but also guide the individual with the Eastern instruction a person needs in administering and choosing proper herbs and practices in conjuncture with Western medication.   This maximizes the benefits and lowers the risk.

No person should change medications or seriously alter doses of any medication, much less go on a new herb or herbal treatment without consulting a healthcare professional.  The self-diagnosis and treatment of self through herbs can cause great problems for a patient.

Many patients wish to find results or find themselves at a dead end with no hope and hence turn to alternative medicine.  Some forms are beneficial, while others may simply be snake oil.  This is why it is so critical for good guidance and care from a healthcare professional well equipped with both Eastern and Western knowledge on the subject of care.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a certified Holistic Nurse Specialist, then please review our program and see if it meets your academic and professional guidelines.  If a nurse and qualified, you can enter into the program, take the online courses and earn a Holistic Nursing Certification.  The certification lasts four years and is renewable.

In the meantime, there is a strong demand for expertise from qualified professionals in Eastern and Holistic care.  Nurses can meet that demand and with a certification from AIHCP, they can offer patients with confidence the guidance they need in helping others with alternative needs.

Learn more about becoming a certified Holistic Nurse Practitioner
Learn more about becoming a certified Holistic Nurse Specialist