Positive reinforcement plays key role in cognitive task performance in ADHD kids

In addition to medication, positive reinforcement can help children with ADHD.  Consider becoming a certified ADHD consultant
In addition to medication, positive reinforcement can help children with ADHD. Consider becoming a certified ADHD consultant

A little recognition for a job well done means a lot to children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder — more so than it would for typically developing kids.

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Like for all children, a little positive re-enforcement in anything helps, even children with ADHD.  Read this article to learn more how we can better shape children with ADHD with some kind words and rewards

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Home Schooling Offers Solutions For ADHD

Home Schooling and ADHD

Education starts in the home
Education starts in the home
For years families have suffered with children afflicted with ADHD.  Try as they might, teachers and school systems can only do so much.  While Certified ADHD consultants can help via counseling and other healthc are professionals can prescribe medications, the ADHD child for the most part can struggle in a classroom setting.
Home schooling offers an alternative learning environment for the child.  With the help of ADHD counseling and possible medication, a child can achieve higher academic scores and absorb more information in the privacy of the home.  The child can be limited to distractions since he is not surrounded by various children and can better focus on the subject at hand.
The home schooling environment helps the child not only limit distractions but also creates a learning style that is best for the particular child.  The learning not only goes at the child’s speed but also allows the child not to be restrained.  The child is free to get up and move around, if the parent permits.  In this way, the child does not have to be restrained in a thirty minute class in a chair.  The learning is still at a high rate but the child is permitted to feel somewhat free.  Also the scheduling of class times can range from any part of the day.  These all coincide with a more classroom friendly environment for an ADHD child.
Of course this takes the dedication of a parent who is willing to teach his or her child, let alone a child with ADHD.  The rewards of your child learning far outweigh the hard work that will be demanded of the parent.
Of course, home schooling could also be utilized as a temporary fix where the child regains control of the ADHD, while learning until return to school, or this can be a longer term solution if the family considers this to be an excellent way to educate overall.
In the end, home schooling is a fresh alternative to children with learning disabilities that when combined with health care aid can be an excellent way for ADHD children to learn.
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