Funeral Assistants: The Role of Grief Work in the Funeral

Funeral Assistants: Do People Need to Partake More in the Funeral?

funeral assistants
How much of a role do funeral assistants for the bereaved to play in the role of a funeral?

The role of a funeral director and sometimes a funeral assistant is to plan the funeral.  Yet, is this good for the person and their recovery over a loss?  We tend to think that allowing a person sometime to himself is the best answer to recover but studies show a person who takes an active role in the funeral accepts the reality quicker and adjusts in a more healthy fashion.
This is because they are putting their grief to work.  They are acknowledging the death and utilizing their sorrow in a positive fashion.  The work of ordering flowers, display and food arrangements help allow the person to have some control in this sad movement and also allow the wife, husband, daughter or son to give back to their beloved and lost
While we cannot force the issue, we can encourage a small part to be played for those grieving the loss of their loved one.  In this way, the funeral assistant is not only performing a service for the deceased but also playing a critical role in grief support.
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New Ideas in Funeral Service Push Towards New Ways of Viewing

new ideas in funeral service
new ideas in funeral service

The article, “Funeral home offers drive-thru viewing parlor for those mourners who don’t want to come to a dead stop”, by Louise Boyle states

“Oliver & Eggleston Funeral Establishment in Farmville, Virginia has been offering the unusual option for two months… but so far no takers, the director said.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:
New ideas in funeral service are emerging everyday as the demands and needs of people change.  Funeral service associates can offer a variety of plans to the bereaved.  They can range from a traditional service to something more unique.   In order to help the bereaved in their time of need, you will need to earn your funeral service associate certification.   It is an important step in ensuring you have the knowledge for well run funeral service.

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funeral service associates: Cremation on the Rise

Funeral Service Associates:  Growth in Cremation

Funeral  Service Associates have begun to see a large growth in the option of cremation over traditional Western burial.  Many reasons have influenced this change.

Tyler Mathisen of talks about these changes in his article, ‘Cremation Is The Hottest Trend In The Funeral Industry”
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