Is Healthcare Information Technology Making a New Breed of Doctors?

A nurse using a computer
How has technology effected your practice?

Healthcare information technology keeps advancing and doctors are advancing right along with it.  How you ask are doctors using new technology to help their patients?   Some doctors have setup blogs with answers to everyday questions.   They then send their patients quick e-mails directing them to this blog page.   It is quick, easy, and time saving.   Instead of spending time on the phone now doctors are available to focus their attention on more important cases.   Healthcare IT also has helped setup ways for doctors to shoot quick text messages to their patients as well via their smart phones.

How Healthcare Information Technology Is Advancing Medicine!

The article, “New breed of doctors turn to social media, texting for patient care”, Source: CBS states

“Is your doctor a technophobe? Increasingly, the answer may be no. There’s a stereotype that says doctors shun technology that might threaten patients’ privacy and their own pocketbooks.”

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The imagination is the limit with healthcare information technology.    One thing is for certain, as computers and social media advances so will modern medicine.
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