Pet Loss Grief Counseling Article on Pet Bereavement Time

The loss of a pet is a big loss.  For years and years, people downgraded this loss and acted as if it was just a pet.  People were told they are over reacting over a loss of a pet.  Now, society is seeing such losses as big losses to individuals.  Pets are like family and the bonds of love are just as strong.  With such discussions, some ask if pet bereavement time is needed from employment.  Should employers give an employee time away from work to properly grieve?

Saying good bye to a pet is like losing family for many. Pet bereavement is a possible need. Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Counseling Program


The article, “Can You Take An Extended Period Off Work After Your Pet Dies?” by Rebecca Reid looks closer at this.  She states,

“Mixed in with the sympathetic responses to Lorde’s loss were the voices of those who found her raw misery unpalatable, because it was felt for a pet, not a person. But grief is a strange, complicated thing. It’s entirely possible to feel nothing when someone who you ‘should’ feel sad about dies, and a huge amount at the loss of someone strange”

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