Grief Counseling Program Article on Divorce and Loss

Grief and loss do not always involve death.  Losing anything is the recipe for grief.  One of the most common forms of loss is divorce.  Romantic breakups are tough but marriages that fail are even tougher.  Marriage does not only involve the heart, but it also involves a sacred vow.  The loss removes one from consistency of schedule and thrusts one into a new environment.  Furthermore, the loss has many secondary losses associated with it.  Financial burden, loss of possessions, less time with children or pets, as well as legal stress all play a large role in divorce.

Divorce loss is far more than just a broken heart but affects one’s entire existence. Please also review our Grief Counseling Program


This is why divorce is such a stressful and painful process.  It is an uprooting of one’s life.  It may be for the best, but the process of healing takes many years to finally become whole again.

The article,” 12 Strategies For Dealing With Grief After A Divorce” by Karen Finn looks deeper at the types of losses.  She states,

“Dealing with grief after a divorce is no different. Nearly 50% of marriages (and 41% of first marriages) in the United States will end in divorce or separation. Divorce grief is, therefore, a high-odds reality.”

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