ADHD Consulting Program Article on ADHD Medications

ADHD results in numerous unfavorable behavior, especially with children in school or home settings.  Medication is usually the first answer.  While it is good to utilize various coping behavioral strategies, it is sometimes needed.  Ritalin is one of the most common medications used to deal with the symptoms of ADHD.


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In the article,  “ADHD: Is Ritalin the Answer?”, Etsy Mendelowitz looks at if Ritalin is truly the answer or not in dealing with ADHD.  She states,

“The most common type of medication prescribed for ADHD is a stimulant, such as Ritalin, Concerta or Adderall. There are nonstimulant medications available for ADHD, but both Dr. Rothbort and Dr. Blatter agree that they aren’t nearly as effective as stimulants. In some cases, patients have no choice because stimulants don’t agree with them, and in some cases patients use stimulants in conjunction with nonstimulants for the best effect.”

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ADHD can be a very disruptive issue in the home and school, so sometimes medication may be needed.  It is important to find the right medication and right strategy for your child.  If you would like to learn more about ADHD Consulting, or would like to become certified, then please review our ADHD Consulting Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and self paced.