Anger Management Consulting Certification Blog on the Negative Results of Yelling

One thing angry people usually think nothing of is how they make others feel.  If there is one thing a good person who may have a temper should consider is how they make others feel and try to correct it.  Anger Management can help individuals develop skills to control tempers and reduce yelling.  Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Certification

Yelling has negative effects on people. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Consulting Program


The reality is words and yelling have negative effects on friends and family.  The negative effects on family and friends are something those with a temper should take into consideration.  It is one of the biggest reasons to learn to control anger and a violent temper.

The article, “The Psychological Effects of Being Yelled At” by Carrie Modermo looks closer at how people are negatively affected through the yelling of angry individuals.  She states,

“Yelling is a common occurrence in most households, and it’s estimated that about 90% of American parents have reported using harsh verbal discipline at least once.1 This tends to use psychological force to cause emotional pain or discomfort. The purpose of yelling is usually to control another person’s behavior.2  Severe verbal discipline takes yelling to a new level and is more harmful. It may include swearing, cursing, name-calling, or insulting. This severe verbal discipline has been associated with conduct problems in children and adolescents. It may also lead to higher physical aggression, delinquency, and interpersonal problems.”

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