Grief Counseling Certification Program Blog on Mourning vs Depression

Grief is natural.  Mourning the loss of someone or even something is natural.  There is nothing pathological about mourning yet so many seek to escape the importance of grief and mourning.  Many place it as bad as depression.  Depression in fact is a pathological state that sometimes is not even related to a particular loss.  Understanding healthy mourning and grief is important in contrast to the unnatural state of depression.  Becoming more aware of the difference in these terms is key in grief counseling.

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The article, “The Difference Between Mourning and Depression” by Samuel Parker and Mlrlam Arond looks at the differences between mourning and depression.  The article states,

“Many people are confused about how to distinguish between “normal” grieving and depression that needs to be treated. After all, mourning a loss, especially of a child, spouse, parent, or close friend, is bound to elicit deep feelings of sadness and regret. It is natural that everyday routines are disrupted and things that may have previously been important suddenly seem less so. And the loss of a loved one is not something that, as Presley notes, is ever forgotten.”

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