Anger Management Certification Blog on Anger at Work

One of the worst places to become angry is at work.  It not only is unprofessional but it can lead to multiple problems with management, co-workers and career.  It can also lead to harassment charges and other investigations.  Hence it is extremely important to remain calm and focused while on the job.


Anger in the workplace is counterproductive and detrimental to morale. Please also review AIHCP’s Anger Management Certification


Non hostile work environments are key to successful business and teams need to be on the same page and not in conflict.  Learning to create more harmony at work can help many individuals work better together and increase production.  Anger Management is an important tool at work, as well as Stress Management to control anger impulses that disrupt work.

The article, “The Worst Place to Get Angry” by Naveed Saleh, PhD looks closer at the dysfunction anger at work can cause and how to prevent it.  He states,

“Problematic anger can lead to major workplace disruption and negatively impact individual performances. Researchers have found that these effects are particularly salient in high-risk occupations, where prolonged and unhealthy anger festers. Examples of these professions include police, military, and firefighters.”

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