Pet Loss Grief Support Blog on Healing After Pet Loss

The death of a pet is a pivotal moment in life, no matter how many previous cats or dogs have passed prior.  Each relationship is unique and special and each ending to that relationship is equally painful.  Saying good bye to any friend or family member is difficult and that is why saying goodbye to a pet is equally difficult.  For many, pets are family.  This is not odd or weird but a reality and completely normal.  Animals have pure souls of love and devotion and teach humanity many times the most loyalty.  It is then of no surprise that the loss of a pet can be a very painful moment for someone.

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The article, “Lessons from loss: healing after a beloved pet dies” by Elsic Lynn Parini looks at the lessons we learn and the healing we experience after the loss of a pet.  The article states,

“In the case of two of my six cats they fell asleep on my heart and that’s when I fell in love in a very big way,” Glauber remembered of his own adoption experiences. “I now have the immense responsibility for this being… And then, all of a sudden, there’s the opposite feeling: ‘Oh no, man is it going to be hard to say goodbye to this creature.’ You can’t have the one without knowing the other will come… In our wildest fantasy, no being we love should ever die, but we know that is not true. The courage to grieve is the courage to love.”

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