Meditation Instructor Program Article on Focus and Meditation

Improving meditation is key to successful results.  Many meditate without many of its benefits due to poor technique.  Poor technique may be due to posture, breathing or focus.  It may also be due to when and where one meditates or how one successfully navigates distractions.  It is important for successful meditation results to properly follow meditative instructions as taught.  Many learn from meditation instructors or are continually guided in their progress until they are able to meditate without aid.

Meditation requires focus and practice of that focus. Please also review AIHCP’s Meditation Instructor Program


Meditation should not be a chore or difficult but should be something that one finds relaxing and looks forward to.  If one is forcing meditation or not as passive as one needs to be, then one is not experiencing the true peace and calm meditation can provide.

The article, “4 ways to improve focus through meditation” from Koelsh Communities of the Seattle Times looks at ways to improve focus and meditation.  The article states,

“Meditation can help improve your focus by reducing stress, improving mental agility, and helping you feel calmly in control of your thoughts. Rather than struggling and getting agitated when your focus seems off, through meditation, you’ll learn to calmly redirect your mind and find peace within your body.”

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