Child and Adolescent Grief Counseling Certification Article on Parent and Child Grieving

When a family loss strikes, parents and children grieve together, however, both grieve differently.  Bad grieving habits can leave the children forgotten or left to wonder.  It is critical to share positive grieving habits and also understand the needs of the child during the period of loss.  Children grieve differently than adults so it is also critical to understand how children process loss.  Parenting and grieving at the same time is one of the most difficult situations because the parent is trying to recover while help one’s child.

It is hard to grieve and parent at the same time. Please also review AIHCP’s Child and Adolescent Grief Counseling Training Program


The article, “How to cope with grief when your kids are grieving, too” by Dr Ashwini Lal reviews how parents can grieve and help their children grieve.  She states,

“Children, as they are going through the developmental process, will naturally have a different grief experience than adults. Depending on their age, children will need guidance with respect to the grieving process.  Talking openly with them is a good way to model that it is okay to discuss grief and emotions. Their grief can be intermittent, meaning that you may notice they feel sad one moment and the next they are playing joyfully with their friends.”

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