Grief Counseling Training Program Article on Employee Bereavement

Employees are not machines.  They experience loss and grief.  When loss and grief occurs, it can transfer over to the workplace.  Production and other aspects of work are affected when employees grieve but employers and corporations owe more to their employees than a pay check but a true investment into their overall well being.  In doing so, employers should take an active interest in their employees when they lose someone.  This is why bereavement policies are so key.

A grieving employee needs help from coworkers and employers. Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Counseling Training Program

The article, “4 Ways To Support Yo

ur Employees Who Are Working Whilst Grieving” by Sheree Atcheson looks at how employers can better help bereaved employees.  She states,

“If you are in a management or leadership position, I am confident that you will have had to deal with at least one person grieving whilst working in your entire career. 2020 has likely increased this number substantially, depending on where you are based and what the death tolls of the pandemic look like in your region.”

To read the entire article and review the 4 ways to support an employee, please click here

Employers can play a critical role in helping their employees adjust to loss by making the workplace less daunting and being flexible the first week.  This kind act not only is humane but also mutually beneficial for the professional output.

Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Counseling Training Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.  The program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals seeking a four year certification in Grief Counseling