Legal Nurse Consulting Certification Article on Doctor Client Confidentiality

The confidentiality between a doctor and patient is on par with that of a attorney or client, or priest and spiritual dependent.  It is critical that there is no breach in this confidentiality.  Like other bonds, there are serious complications and consequences when this confidentiality is betrayed.

Doctor Patient Confidentiality is a fundamental block of THE patient doctor agreement. Please also review AIHCP’s Legal Nurse Consulting Certification


The article, “What Is A Breach Of Doctor-Patient Confidentiality?” by Paul Tolzman  takes a closer look at this.  He states,

If someone has a health issue that requires medical attention, or is simply going in for their annual check-up, anything they discuss with their physician is kept between them and the health care provider. The physician is legally required to uphold a doctor-patient confidentiality agreement, which is based on the concept that a patient should never be concerned about seeking medical treatment for fear that private medical information will be disclosed to others. ”

The article goes on to state, malpractice and other suites can follow when a breach occurs.  To read the entire article, please click here

It is important for healthcare professionals to protect sensitive medical information regarding their clients.  When this is not done, legal action usually follows.  If you would like to learn more about Legal Nurse Consulting or would like to become certified as a Legal Nurse, then please review AIHCP’s Legal Nurse Consulting Certification and see if it meets your academic and professional goals in the field of medical law.