Anger Management Consulting Program Article on Anger Response

Reacting immediately to anger is an impulse that needs to be avoided.  It is natural to respond to emotion but we need to question our anger sometimes.  We need to understand what makes us angry and why.  In doing so, we can identify logical responses versus illogical ones and how to respond to both and in what degree.  Triggers are key in identifying to help maintain composure when anger presents itself.

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The article, “Here’s what your anger is telling you — and how you can talk back” by Lauren Schenkman looks at the nature of anger and our response.  In particular, he looks at the importance of Anger Management.  He states,

“While a blast of rage may inform us of a threat — even if it’s just to our reputation — it’s the thoughts we have following it which determine how we respond. That’s why strategies like cognitive behavioral therapy, which teach people healthier thought patterns, can be so successful.”

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