Grief Counseling Program Article on Returning to Work After Loss

It can be very difficult to return work after a loss.  It is hard to refocus and find oneself.  Grief and loss can alter one’s reality and make it difficult to return to routine with the new change in life.  One must learn to adjust and alter their life to fit the loss but this can take time.


Returning to work after grief can be difficult. Please also review our Grief Counseling Program and see if it meets your academic goals

The article, “5 Tips for Returning to Work When Grieving” by Stella Ryne looks at ways one can better adjust to life at work after a loss.


“Going back to work should be seen as something positive. However, it should be done slowly and gradually. Talk to your boss about it, ask him if it would be okay to start working half a day the first couple of days until you settle back into the routine.”

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