Grief Counseling Program and Grieving in Chaos

Pandemics and world crisis can leave the entire world in grief.  When is it ok during these hours of worldwide crisis to grieve one’s own losses?  It is important to grieve with the world but also to find time to grieve for oneself as well.  Many brave healthcare workers have to work through grief as they work to save thousands from death.

When society is grieving and the world is broken, it is hard to find time to grieve. Please also review our Grief Counseling Program


The article, “In a World Filled With Loss, Who Gets to Grieve?”from ‘Whats Your Grief”  looks at individual grief that can be loss in the collective grief of a broken world.  The article states,

“Considering the circumstances, you might even see your grief as having a higher purpose. Right now, people are going through horrible, traumatic, earth-shattering things. And when this is all over, they’re going to need to find support in a grieving world. So now, more than ever, we have to maximize our capacity for compassion – and this doesn’t mean denying ourselves of it. ”

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Please also review our Grief Counseling Program and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.