ADHD Consulting Certification Article on Adult ADHD Coping

Adult ADHD is a true reality for many.  ADHD can get in the way of career and relationships.  It is important for those with ADHD to know how to cope with it and have the professional help they need.  With the proper guidance and coping skills, those with ADHD can live with relative ease and less stress.

Coping with ADHD can be difficult. Please also review our ADHD Consulting Certification


The article, “I Have ADHD. Here Are 9 Productivity Tips That Really Help Me ” by Isabelle O’Carroll lists 9 ways others can learn to cope with ADHD.  She states,

“You might find these tips more helpful than ever right now as most of us are dealing with some pretty big changes to our routines while we practice social distancing during the new coronavirus pandemic. Given our new day-to-day and work environments, it’s a great time to integrate some tips and tricks that can help you focus.”

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