Most grief reactions are a result of an acute loss.  Even then, most reactions are not labeled as pathological.   Pathological reactions are associated with depression.  Acute grief reactions can become pathological through depression but the depression has a cause, namely loss.   However, chronic depression is chemical in nature.   It has no true reason for the state of mind.

Chronic depression can make everyday seem like a cloudy dark day. Please also review our Grief Counseling Certification


Chronic depression is continual or comes and goes consistently.   The person may feel bad everyday, over eat to hide emotion, possess irregular sleep patterns, or feel in general worthless.  This type of state of mind requires clinical help from a licensed professional counselor.  Many licensed professional counselors also possess a certification in grief counseling and even possess a more indepth knowledge of the depression

The article, “Let’s Talk About Chronic Depression” by Meirav Devash discusses many of the symptoms and reasons for chronic depression.  The article states,

“People with PDD experience depressed mood for a period of two years or longer, and two or more of the additional symptoms below. Your symptoms would be distressing and affect daily functioning, and you’d never be without them for more than two months at a time.”

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