Hypnotherapy Certification Article on Hypnosis and Pain Reduction

Hypnosis has a variety of useful applications.  Hypnosis can help with mental trauma, past fears, as well as eliminating bad habits.  It can also help with pain management.  The ability to help the subconscious is amazing in hypnosis and hypnotherapy has the ability to help individuals through the process of pain.

With opioid use so dangerous and also the limitation of it for individuals who may need them, hypnosis is one of many alternative options for individuals to utilize.  Hypnosis can play a key role in helping the reduction of pain.

Hypnosis can help one manage pain and limit it. Please also review our Hypnotherapy Certification and see if it meets your professional goals


The article, “Hypnosis vs Painkillers” by  Dr. Sanchari Sinha Dutta, Ph.D, reviews how hypnosis can play a big role in limited pain.  She states,

“Chronic pain can be associated with many severe health conditions, as well as can reduce the overall quality of life. It is often difficult to treat chronic pain because the reason for pain often remains unidentified. On a positive note, recent studies have identified that hypnosis and hypnotherapy can act as an effective alternative intervention to medication to treat both active and chronic pain.”

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If one is seeking to alleviate pain, alternative therapies are one starting point.  They are not addictive like pain killers and more easily accessible.  Qualified professionals can learn more about hypnotherapy and how to utilize it in their practice by review the American College of Hypnotherapy.  The Hypnotherapy Certification is a four year certification and help individuals learn the necessary skills to properly utilize hypnosis within their practice