Grief Counseling Program Article On Hidden Depression

Hidden depression can sometimes be so well disguised that one does not even notice that one’s life has become sad and grey.  Hidden depression is also chronic in nature.  It has not true reason.  One has a difficult time diagnosing why one does not feel well or right.

Depression can sometimes be hidden. One lives life but still feels incomplete. Please also review our Grief Counseling Program


Hidden depression can make individuals less social and push them more into a introvert like stance.  Professional life may flourish but personal life suffers.  Others may also experience a constant nagging of perfectionism where one is not good enough in anything one does.  Also others exhibit difficulty expressing complex emotions and find fulfillment in only completion of tasks.

The article, “When Your Depression Is Perfectly Hidden (Even from Yourself)” by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S, looks at many more symptoms and explains the reality of hidden depression.  She states, 

“Natalie’s depression doesn’t resemble what we typically think of depression: a heavy, chilling darkness that siphons a person’s energy and prevents them from getting out of bed. And yet it’s just as serious, exhausting, and devastating.”

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