Holistic Integrative Specialist Program Article on Eastern Medication

Sometimes Western medications are limited.  Other medications from other cultures may have less side effects, or be better long term for one’s recovery.  Eastern medications are sometimes wise to explore with the proper professional guidance regarding your diagnosis.

Eastern medication when utilized properly can help individuals through illness. One must be guided by a healthcare professional to avoid dangers

Healthcare professionals who are certified in holistic integrative medication can be a great source in guiding one through the various different types of medicine.

The article, “How Eastern Medicine Can Improve Your Life” through businessmirror states

Eastern medicine has been going mainstream in the last few years. It’s moved beyond simply being a fringe medical practice in the western world, and has become widely accepted as a relevant and effective alternative medicine. This comes as no surprise to practitioners in India and China; Eastern medicine, including Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is steeped in thousands of years of history, study and practice.

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