Holistic Integrative Practitioner Article on Alternative Pain Relief Practices

Dealing with pain is a serious issue for Americans.  Acute treatment usually requires some type of short term pain relief, but due to addiction, the use is becoming shorter and less.  Americans are looking to find non addictive and other ways to deal with both acute as well as long lasting chronic pain.  Holistic and alternative practices offer some varieties and ways to deal with pain.  These sometimes cheaper options are also safer and can bring relief to pain.

Alternative and non addictive ways are being sought by Americans to combat pain. Please also review our Holistic Integrative Specialist Program

The article, “Opioid crisis leaves Americans seeking alternative options for pain relief” by  Cindy Schweich Handler discusses how Americans are turning to alternative methods to relieve pain.  She states,

“Holistic practitioners believe that while patients are free to see their regular doctors, integrating physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and other procedures achieves best results in a majority of cases. It’s a conclusion patients are coming to, as well; according to the National Institutes of Health, a third of Americans seek help for their health in a place that’s outside their doctor’s office, and the trend seems to be on the rise.”

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With the need and rise of alternative practices, Holistic Practitioners have an opportunity to put an imprint upon the healthcare scene with real and good methods to help against pain.  Please also review our Holistic Integrative Practitioner Certification and see if it meets your goals.