ADHD Consulting Specialist Program Article on Adult ADHD

ADHD affects more than children and their abilities to exist in school and at home.  Adult ADHD can also play havoc on marriages.  It is important to understand ADHD and help couples remain strong.

ADHD can play havoc on a relationship. Please also review our ADHD Consulting Specialist Program to learn more in helping others overcome


The article, “Adult ADHD is hard on a marriage, but there’s help for couples” by Courtenay Harris Bond looks at how couples can cope with ADHD in their relationship.  She states,

But when ADHD first surfaces in adulthood, as the Marinos discovered and a recent JAMA study confirmed, couples often struggle because of tensions that arise over symptoms of the disorder.

ADHD plays large roles in marriage problems.  These problems can affect the partners ability to focus on the relationship and give it the time it needs.  To read the entire article, please click here

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