Holistic Integrative Specialist Article and Pain Management

Pain is a constant in life.  Whether mental, emotional or physical, it is present in some form, most of one’s days.  While this is unfortunate, it is also true.  Pain is part of humanity’s reality in the fallen and temporal reality.  How one deals with pain determines one’s ability to survive and be successful.  Coping strategies are critically important, but for numerous years, physical pain in particular has been blanketed with prescription based drugs.

People deal with pain everyday in their lives. Learning how to cope with that pain is essential. Holistic Integrative Specialists can help one find alternative and less addictive ways to deal with pain


Prescription based drugs, especially opioid based, have shown case histories of long term negative effects on individuals.  Many individuals face addiction as a result of long term exposure to these drugs.  Physicians over prescribed opioid based drugs for surgery and chronic pains.  As a result, we now face the addiction epidemic over pain killers.

In response, severe restrictions have been employed against the use of these drugs.  Unfortunately this severe response has left those in the middle once again at the mercy of pain.  Limited pain killers are now not available for post operation.   The excess and abuse prior has now laid a foundation for a severe lack of good pain killers for those who need them.  Until common sense and moderation returns, many individuals suffer with over the counter pain killers to deal with post operation or sometimes chronic situations.  It is a true shame for those who suffer pain as a result of substance abuse and excessive prescribing by physicians.

This, however, is the true reality that exists today.  Pain medications are used rarer and in little doses.  They are also reserved only for the most severe cases.  While this is in some ways good, it is not necessarily good for the average person who does not misuse pain medications but needs them short term or even some who are not classified as severe enough with their chronic situation.

In response, many individuals trying to cope with pain have looked for alternative ways to face it.  With minimal pain medication available, they look to supplement with a variety of holistic and alternative practices. Fortunately, many of these practices have proved productive and many individuals have found relief from pain.

Chiropractic service has become one of the more mainstream holistic practices to reduce pain and heal the problem at its core.  This practice helps realign the spine and other skeletal structures.  It is also employs massage therapy and other aroma therapies utilized with massage.  The usage of these practices on a consistent basis have proven to help many people not only cope with pain but also find a solution to the source of the pain.

In addition, others have looked towards acupuncture and other pain reliefs.  In the search, they have discovered some pains are a source of energy displaced.  Acupuncture, EFT, and some massage therapies are able to properly re-channel emotional, mental and physical pain.  In addition to these uses, others have employed hynotherapy as a way for the mind to overcome the pain of the body.

Meditation and other physical forms of therapy are also very productive.  Many have employed meditation, or physical exercises such as yoga to help heal the body.  Instead of dealing with daily inflammation.  Individuals utilize yoga and other stretching therapies to find healing and reduction of pain.

Holistic Integrative Specialists can also offer a wide variety of suggestions regarding herbal remedies that reduce inflammation and also promote healthy healing.  With so many options for pain management and the lack of strong and potentially addictive medication, it is no wonder that so many have looked into and put so much energy into these alternative practices.

A Holistic Integrative Specialist can look at a variety of practices to help. From EFT to Hypnotherapy and merely herbal remedies, a Holistic Integrative Specialist can be an important guide


The American Institute of Health Care Professionals offers a variety of alternative methods to help alleviate pain.  Qualified professionals can become certified in a variety of programs that can train them in alternative practices to help others overcome physical, emotional and mental pain.  All of the programs are online and independent study and offer four year certifications in the practice to those who qualify.

The American Institute of Health Care Professionals offers certifications in Hypnotherapy, Meditation Instructor, and EFT specialist.  It also offers a wider program to healthcare professionals who are interested in Holistic Integrative practices.  This particular program is primarily offered to nurses or other higher licensed healthcare professionals who look to guide individuals to a more healthy and holistic life style.

It is very important with so many individuals looking into holistic and alternative methods to have a trained and guiding voice.  Healthcare professionals trained in Western Medicine can better understand the needs of a patient and also guide them to the proper alternative practices.  It can be very dangerous to employ various new methods without first consulting a healthcare professional.  Many things need to be understood.

One needs to see how these herbal supplements, or practices will affect the individual.  Some medications may not mix or some may have health issues which prevent them from practicing alternative therapies.  One’s healthcare professional can guide one through these processes but a Holistic Integrative Specialist can not only see if the alternative practice is safe for the particular situation but also guide one to a better option.

This type of guidance is important as so many individuals continue to search for alternative answers to their pain but may not understand things.  This type of self doctoring can be very dangerous to one’s health.  A Holistic Integrative Specialist can help individuals make wise and informed decisions regarding their health.

Please review our Holistic Integrative Health Specialist Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.  Within time, one will be able to confidentially interweave one’s medical knowledge with alternative practices and help guide individuals through the process of finding pain relief.