Grief Counseling Training Program Article on Ecological Grief

The loss of nature and ecological destruction plays a large role on humanity.  Individuals suffer from the devastation and grieve the loss of what was once.  These types of losses of beauty as well as climate problems cause distress.  This type of grief and anxiety is ecological grief.

Ecological grief is a true loss that we suffer as a society. Please also review our Grief Counseling training program


For instance, some may fear the loss of beauty found in the rain forest or the coral reef.  The beauty but also the instrumental role they play in our climates are a twofold loss of what we all experience with their destruction.

The article, “How to cope with the grief that comes with the world’s ecological crisis” by John Sharry looks into this type of loss.  He states,


“Many of those working within the environmental charities describe their heartbreak and grief at the loss of the natural world. This is the natural world which is not only beautiful in its own right but it is the world on which we entirely depend on as humans. For communities on the frontline of the climate emergency this grief is much more acute and threatening.”

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