ADHD Consulting Program Article on Coping with ADHD

ADHD sometimes requires medication.  Medication can take away the symptoms and help control the situation but usually comes with side effects or higher cost.  Some with ADHD can utilize low risk coping strategies that can help them live with and operate successfully with ADHD.

Learning to cope with ADHD without medication is possible for some. Please also review our ADHD Consulting program


The article, 4 No-Risk, Non-Drug ADHD Treatments Ideal for Entrepreneurs, by Dave Kerpen illustrates how individuals can deal with ADHD in less evasive ways.  He states,

“Before making any medical decisions for yourself or others, consult your doctor. Ask whether the following ADHD treatment alternatives might help you maintain your focus without the risks associated with pharmaceuticals:”

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ADHD Consultants can help their clients deal with ADHD symptoms and in some cases guide them through the symptoms without medication.  Please also review our ADHD Consulting Program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.