Grief Counseling Program Article on Meaning in Grief

Grief is a universal emotion that strikes humanity’s most existential questions.   With pain, suffering and loss, many try to find meaning in grief.  Finding meaning and coping with grief is a life skill that all must learn to deal with if they expect to work through the pains of life.   Sometimes it is difficult to find meaning and others need help tying the narrative of life together from loss to loss.  Each loss creating a chapter in the overall book of life.  Loss is always a result of something good and ironically if we never lost, then we would never have.  Love is the purpose of life and unfortunately tied to love is loss.  While in this temporal valley of tears, humanity’s existential journey is about balancing love and loss and understanding how to create a life narrative that somehow makes sense.

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The article, “Finding Meaning in Grief” by Julie Phitzinger discusses trying to find meaning in loss.  She states,

“For Kessler, a noted grief expert,  finding a path forward became an unexpected and integral part of his life.  While Kessler was writing this book,  his son David, who had overcome a drug habit only to start using again, died in 2016 at the age of 21.”

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