ADHD Consulting Program Article on ADHD and High School

ADHD can be a nightmare for high school students.  Many teens at this age do not want the stigma or social marking with ADHD.  They fear what other people may think, but it is truly in their best interests to share and educate with teachers and friends.

Revealing or not revealing a learning disability can be a tricky decision in high school. Please also review our ADHD Consulting Program


The article, “Should I Talk Openly About My ADHD in High School?” by Sarah Cheyette, discusses the many advantages and also pitfalls of discussing ADHD in high school.  She points out a variety of important things to consider and what to do and what not to do.  She states,

“Teens with ADHD face myriad challenges — many of them invisible. Would high school be easier if your friends knew about your ADHD diagnosis? Or would they treat you differently? Here are eight considerations and talking points for teens who are considering talking openly about their attention deficit for the first time.”

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