Healthcare Case Management Program Article on Rising Healthcare Costs

Healthcare continues to be a growing cost for the average American as well as the average employer.  Employers on average according to a latest poll are paying around $13,000 an employee a year.  With the cost continuing to rise, it is becoming more and more expensive to give people the basic care they need.  With healthcare such a huge issue in the 2020 election, it will be interesting to see who has the solutions and who does not to combat this ever growing national issue.

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The article, “Companies Move to Limit Employees’ Health Costs: bt David McCann looks at some statistics illustrating the growing problem with healthcare costs.  He states,

“The average total health benefit cost per employee grew 3.0% to reach $13,046, following a rise of 3.6% in 2018. This is the eighth consecutive year of health benefit cost growth in the low single digits, and employers expect the cost to rise at a similar pace next year. Still, cost increases continue to outpace overall inflation.”

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