Grief Diversity within Different Minority Groups Video

People of color, minorities, and those not traditionally of European descent face unique struggles, traumas, losses and griefs.  These diverse groups include African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans and historically in the past even Irish Americans in the 1800s.  Those who failed to fit the WASP mode have a unique cultural and diverse grief experience.  While America on paper was the land of the free and equality for all, the reality fell short for many peoples.  Slavery of African Americans and genocide against Native Americans are only but a few dark moments in American history against others.  While history cannot be rewritten it can be remembered.  While patriotism and love of country is critical, it does not mean patriotism is equal to nationalism and blind eyes to sins of one’s nation.

Different minority groups face different collective grief. Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Diversity Program


Individuals within minority groups face unique and collective grief from the past but also experience trauma collectively and sometimes individually in the present.  Police brutality, racial profiling and racially motivated shootings all can trigger a more hyper vigilance within minority communities and individuals.  As Grief Counselors it is important to see the scars of collective grief and how it imparts on various individuals within minority communities.

Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Diversity Program.  The program is for certified Grief Counselors looking to enhance their grief background and add additional certifications to their resume.  The program is online and independent study and opens many to the different types of grief and loss and history faced by minority communities.


Please also review the video below