How to Utilize EFT for Stress and Trauma Reduction

EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique is gaining more notoriety in the world as a way to better reduce stress and remove negative energy.  It is simple and easy to learn and non evasive.  A certified EFT Practitioner can easily teach someone how to perform the various tapping points on the person’s face, torso and hand to help the person move energy, while also instructing the person on what to say and dwell upon while performing the tapping.  Whether it is a fear of spiders or snakes, overworked with stress, coping with past grief, or trying to better focus on life, EFT can help balance oneself and find inner peace and strength to deal with various issues.

If you wish to utilize EFT and its tapping points, you can learn from qualified EFT Practitioners certified from AIHCP.


The article, “How to Use Standard EFT Tapping, Plus Its Potential Health Benefits” by

“If you’re stressed, many mind-body practices can coax you back into a state of calm. One is known as emotional freedom technique (EFT), or tapping. Standard EFT tapping is a noninvasive, inexpensive method that most people can learn on their own to relieve stress and anxiety.”

“How to Use Standard EFT Tapping, Plus Its Potential Health Benefits”. Lauren Bedosky. November 8th, 2022. Everyday Health.

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The emotional freedom technique is a psychological treatment that is used to help people cope with psychological distress. The technique is based on the principle that emotions are stored in the body and that by releasing these emotions, people can feel better. The emotional freedom technique involves tapping on specific points on the body while focusing on a particular emotion. The theory behind the emotional freedom technique is that by tapping on these points, the emotion can be released from the body and the person can feel better.

The procedure is very much tied to the Eastern practice of Acupuncture.  With similar philosophical beliefs on energy points within the body, EFT takes a more empirical look at how these points play a pivotal role in the body regarding the process of energy itself.  Through mentally addressing issues, the belief is energy within the body can be better moved allowing stress to be faced and reduced through tapping and a series of repetitive words addressing the issue itself.  It is important if dealing with deeper trauma to consult a licensed professional who is certified in EFT.  AIHCP offers certifications in EFT to qualified professionals who would like to utilize this practice in their work.

How to apply EFT

To apply EFT, one would need to first identify the problem or issue that they would like to address. Once the issue is identified, the individual would then tap on various points on their body while repeating a phrase related to the issue. The tapping helps to release any negative emotions that may be associated with the issue. By doing this, the individual is then able to more effectively deal with the issue at hand.  The tapping on the pressure points open the body to release negative energy, but is only effective when tied with thought and words.  It is done in a series of cycles that upon completion of each is correlated to how one feels on a rating scale.   With each successive cycle, the rating scale should indicate less stress and more ease and relaxation.

There are a number of benefits associated with EFT, including the fact that it is a relatively quick and easy intervention to learn and administer. Additionally, EFT has been shown to be effective for a variety of psychological problems, including anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and phobias. Furthermore, research suggests that EFT may also be helpful in improving physical health conditions such as headaches, chronic pain, and fatigue.

When used in a clinical setting, a counselor can who is certified in EFT can deal with far more complex issues than a mere certified EFT practitioner without a counseling license.  In these sessions, a counselor can utilize EFT to treat trauma and other more deep and pathological issues facing the patient.  After completing the courses and fulfilling the practicum of working with a volunteer patient, AIHCP will certify qualified professionals.  The program is also open to those only interested in learning how to self apply EFT to themselves.


EFT has numerous benefits related to stress, trauma and lack of focus


In conclusion, EFT has many benefits that make it worth trying for anyone struggling with negative emotions or stress. It is quick, easy to learn, and can be done anywhere. Additionally, EFT is backed by scientific research and has been shown to be effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. EFT can be a successful way to work through difficult emotions. It is important to find a certified practitioner, and to be patient as you work through the process. You may not see results immediately, but with time and commitment, EFT can be helpful for managing difficult emotions.  If you are struggling with negative emotions or stress, give EFT a try.

AIHCP also offers a comprehensive EFT certification program which can not only help individuals learn to use EFT for themselves, but also train qualified professionals how to properly use it and teach others.  The EFT certification program is online and independent study and open to qualified professionals seeking a four year certification as an EFT Practitioner.

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