Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Blog on Weight Loss

Hypnosis can help with many issues individuals face in life.  From bad habits to better life choices, hypnosis can help individuals at the subconscious level overcome many issues that plague them.  Losing weight is definitely an issue that hypnosis can help one with.  Hypnosis can better help one make wiser diet choices and be more motivated to exercise and work out.  Utilizing hypnosis for weight loss is an excellent alternative tool to get into better shape.

Clinical Hypnosis can help one achieve weight loss goals. Please also review AIHCP’s Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification


The article, “Hold Up: Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work? Here’s What Experts Say” from Prevention discusses how hypnosis can better help one achieve weight loss goals.  It states,

“Hypnosis is not a magic bullet, so don’t walk into a hypnotherapy session and think you’ll start shedding pounds at the snap of a finger. As Dr. Gaies says, hypnosis is a tool that can help break patterns of thinking that prevents someone from developing healthier routines. It’s those lifestyle shifts that will lead to weight loss over time.  Most people who approach hypnotherapy are already preparing themselves to make lifestyle adjustments, such as altering their food choices or buying a gym membership, says Dr. Chon.”

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