Healthcare Life Coach Program Blog on Coach or Therapist?

The differences between a coach and a therapist and likewise a certified only counselor and a licensed counselor is important.  Obviously a licensed therapist can become certified as a coach or certified counselor in a particular field, but many professionals may be only certified and a coach but not licensed.   Licensed professionals can supply treatment for trauma that is beyond basic healing.  They deal with the past and pathological issues that result from trauma.  Coaches deal more with natural loss or help with the present and future.  It is important to know yourself and what you need in choosing merely a certified professional or a licensed or licensed/certified professional.

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The article, “How To Know If You Need A Coach Or A Therapist: 6 Differences To Consider” by Stephanie Catahan looks closer at the differences between a coach and therapist.  She states,

“Maybe you’ve noticed an increase in people talking about therapy and coaching. Your partner has a therapist to manage their anxiety. Your neighbor has a coach to sharpen her leadership skills. Maybe you yourself are trying to decide whether to hire a therapist or a coach to guide you through stress management of becoming a new parent or another kind of major life transition, but you don’t know where to start.  Although therapy and coaching might come up in the same conversation, there are important key factors to consider before deciding whether to work with a coach or therapist.”

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