Stress Management Consulting Certification Blog on Stress and the Heart

Stress kills.  This short phrase is as true as any words.  Stress primarily affects the blood vessels and the heart through cortisone and its increases in the body.  When this hormone is utilized for fight or flight, it is good but when chronic stress constantly applies it to the body, then the heart suffers.

Stress can have negative health impacts on the heart. Please also review AIHCP’s Stress Management Consulting Certification


The article, “Stress May Be Your Heart’s Worst Enemy” by Rachel Ruiz from the New York Times looks closer how stress can harm the heart.  She states,

“But has your doctor also asked about the level of stress in your life? Chronic psychological stress, recent studies indicate, may be as important — and possibly more important — to the health of your heart than the traditional cardiac risk factors. In fact, in people with less-than-healthy hearts, mental stress trumps physical stress as a potential precipitant of fatal and nonfatal heart attacks and other cardiovascular events, according to the latest report.”

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