Anger Management Certification Article on Intoxication and Anger

Any type of emotion can be enhanced when drunk or intoxicated.  Anger is no exception and in many cases displays itself in destructive ways when drinking occurs.  Fights, abuse, and aggression are all associated with excessive drinking due to the lack of inhibitions that occurs while intoxicated.  Fueled with enhance emotions, it can be a dangerous combination.

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The article, “How Does Alcohol Use Interact With Anger?” by Bernard Golden looks at how alcohol and anger come together during intoxication.  He states,

“Consuming alcohol can serve as a distraction from a range of negative feelings, including anger. And all too often, as in Ryan’s case, it reflects displacement, directing anger toward a target that is not the source of an individual’s original anger. Under the influence of alcohol, those already predisposed toward anger may vent or, more seriously, direct their anger toward a target that might be experienced as less threatening than the original target.”

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