Legal Nurse Consulting Certification Article on Preventing Malpractice Claims

Healthcare professionals always deal with the chance of malpractice.  Mistakes can occur but they can be limited though with good practices and values.  Healthcare professionals can protect themselves by following certain procedures and habits which can make it far less likely to occur.

Healthcare professionals can protect themselves from some instances of malpractice. Please also review AIHCP’s Legal Nurse Consulting Certification


The article, “Avoiding medical malpractice suits” by Keith Reynolds looks closer how healthcare providers can reduce the chance of malpractice.  He states,

“To err is human. So the question is not whether a medical malpractice lawsuit will be filed against a physician, but when.  As physicians pick their way through this minefield, if they’re not careful, one lawsuit from one patient could define their entire career, and lead to a loss of revenue, increased insurance costs and a massive hit to a physician’s professional reputation.  Bob White, chief operating officer of malpractice insurer TDC Group, says that some specialists such as neurosurgeons or obstetricians can spend as much as 25% of their career with an open malpractice suit against them.”

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Physicians, nurses or any healthcare provider can provide excellent service and protect themselves.  Legal Nurse Consultants also play a key role in analyzing if standards of care were met or not met.

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