Pet Loss Grief Support Specialist Certification Article on Pet Loss and Coping

For many losing a pet is like losing a child.  A pet represents to many the only opportunity to experience a type of parenthood.  The pet is their life and for some, their only friend.  Hence the loss becomes more stronger for those who are attached to their pet.  This is not unhealthy but a bond of love that may be different than human love but still nonetheless is love.

Losing a pet can be traumatic. Please also review AIHCP’s Pet Loss Grief Support Specialist Certification


The article, “How to Grieve the Death of a Pet” from Cleveland Clinic’s HealthEssentials takes a closer look at how to better cope when losing a pet.  The article states,

“Given how much comfort pets bring, it’s understandable that losing them can be emotionally devastating. “Our animals become a part of our family,” says Dr. Sullivan. “They provide unconditional love and support, which is something that people don’t get from a lot of different places.”

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Pets are family.  When individuals lessen the impact of the loss of a pet they show their lack of empathy but also lack of understanding.  Some may never experience the love one can have for an animal that is truly sad, but for those who do, we all too well understand the deep pain of losing a pet.

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