Pet Loss Grief Support Program Article on the Short Life of a Dog

One of the saddest things is losing a dog.  Losing a dog is painful because over the 10 to 15 years the dog in our life, he or she becomes an everyday staple.  Many wish dogs could live longer.  This is one of the things to consider when owning a dog that one will not have them for a life time but a series of them.  This may be sad but also gives one a chance to share life with many more.

Unfortunately for dog lovers, dogs live a very short life. Please also review AIHCP’s Pet Loss Support Program


In novels, we see individuals who live almost like immortal lives.  Our lives are almost immortal like when compared to a dog’s life and it teaches us to appreciate them while they are here.  We need to smile on the bad days they misbehave or tear up a shoe and we need to appreciate the love and energy they show us.  We are their entire world and we need to enjoy everyday they are with us.

The article, “It’s not fair that a dog’s life is so short” by Linda Smith states,

“Over the years, friends had warned me that the decision to let a cherished pet go was one of the most difficult they had ever made. At the time, I would nod and agree and move on with my day. As my dog got older, however, and this reality neared for me, I listened more closely to those stories of pet loss from friends.”

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Please also review AIHCP’s Pet Loss Grief Support Program and see if it matches your academic and professional programs.  The program is online and independent study and open to professionals seeking a four year certification to help others deal with the loss of a pet.