Meditation Instructor Program Article on Meditation as an Inward Escape

Meditation, especially Eastern Meditation is originally Asian in origin from both China, India and other oriental nations.  It is a stamp of not only faith but also cultural tradition and for some identity.  Some Asian Americans find it to be crucial to life not only for health and faith but also identity.

Meditation can supply an escape from today’s social evils. Please also review AIHCP’s Meditation Instructor Program


The article, “Why Meditation Is Crucial for My Joy and Resilience as an Asian American” by Kim Tai looks at how meditation can help Asian American communities find resilience and joy in life.  She states,

“And if you are feeling trapped and afraid, know that you are not alone. I invite you to sit—with yourself, with me, with all your Asian siblings and ancestors—and know that resilience lives deep within you. Even if it’s unfair that we should need to be so resilient in the first place—that we, as a marginalized community, have had to continue to endure systemic oppression and discriminatory violence—we have still persevered.”

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With racism and hate towards many Asian communities over Covid, many turn to meditation to find solace.  Any nationality can find solace in meditation though.  With shootings, division and turmoil in the country, meditation can be an inward escape from the chaos, not just for Asian Americans but all Americans

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