ADHD Consultant Program Article on Impulse Spending in ADHD

ADHD can put some into hyper modes that confuse.  Spending is no different.  ADHD time blindness can result in many unnecessary purchases as a person continues to buy.  Uncontrolled impulsive spending can put great havoc and stress on finances.    One is more focused on the present and without consequences of later.  ADHD Consultants and other professionals can help an individual identify these triggers and issues.

Impulse spending and ADHD correlate with each other. Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consultant Program


The article, “ADHD Time Blindness Contributes to My Impulse Spending” by Mikhal Weiner looks at how ADHD and spending now and paying later can be a dangerous combination.  She states,

“The impulsivity that’s associated with ADHD comes from the same cognitive impairment that causes a nearsightedness to time. A 2010 study in The Journal of Neuroscience used fMRI scans to examine how dopamine affects impulsive behaviors in 14 individuals and found that “dopamine could potentially increase impulsive choice in two distinct ways,” either by discounting the gains that a person stands to receive in the future, or by making smaller, more immediate gains seem more attractive.”

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