Anger Management Training Article on Children and Curbing Anger

Teaching children better ways to express emotion is key to parenting.  It is essential to guide children through anger and teach them ways to express it and let it out without harming oneself or others.  Limiting temper tantrums, teaching patience, setting good examples and promoting awareness of other’s needs are all important aspects in teaching children to be better people.

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The article, “How to tackle your child’s violent behavior” from the “Times of India” looks at some ways a parent can curb bad anger tendencies.  The article states,

“Are you demotivated by your child’s aggressive behaviour? Do you often think that you have failed as a parent in helping your child manage their emotions? Do not worry because emotional regulation is a skill we all can learn gradually with time. While some children may even take longer to master self behaviour, as a parent you simply need to be patient and should work on your own actions that behave as a barrier to control or manage difficult situations.”

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Anger Management skills for children are critical to their development and helping them become productive and safe members of society.  It is important to install and implement in their behavior.

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